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Help create new maps for the C&C Zero Hour community!

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General Information


This contest has finished. Click below to watch the full progression of all the submitted maps on YouTube:

➡➡➡ Watch the FULL tournament on YouTube! ⬅⬅⬅


You can download the winning maps here:



Are you Creative? Do you enjoy making Maps?


Design and create your own 5 and 6 player FFA maps and win $20 per map!*1


This is the Instant-Shock $100 WorldBuilder Contest!



What's happening?

Instant-Shock is having its very first WorldBuilder Contest where any mapper can submit 5 or 6 player maps. These maps will get featured on Legionnaire's livestreams*2 for all to see! And who knows, maybe you will make one of the 5 winning maps!


Who can participate?

Anyone who knows how to make maps can join in! Just follow the steps outlined on the Instant-Shock Discord ( in the #worldbuilder-contest channel.


What is Instant-Shock looking for?

We're looking for regular 5 and 6 player FFA maps. We're not interested in scripted maps or 'funky' maps--we want awesome, beautiful maps that will become mainstream in the community (yes, we can do that you know 😉). Put in your best effort and make something truly amazing that is both balanced and beautiful. And who knows, maybe your maps will get used in the next Instant-Shock tournament! For more info, check the rules.


Until when will the competition go on?

The competition has started on the 19th of May and will last until Saturday the 20th of June. Participants may submit maps up until the 19th of June.




*1 A participant may submit up to three 5 player maps and three 6 player maps. The three highest ranked 6 player maps and the two highest ranked 5 player maps in the contest will be win $20 per map.

*2 If too many maps are submitted there is the possibility your map will not get featured on Legionnaire's livestreams, however, Instant-Shock will still provide you with feedback when requested.

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